Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Right to be Forgotten

It will be interesting to see if the new laws relating to Data Protection will make any difference to how we all carry out our business online.

I fail to see how any legislation is going to make a whole lot of difference about the amount of data that is collected by businesses. That is now part of their business models, determining their target markets by any means. The real problem is that consumers are not aware of the information that they are giving away and are likely not to be in a position to ask for its removal.

Those that want old posts, in most cases made by themselves, on Social Media removed are more likely to want it removed as they just don't like it. Like the prevalence of tattoos the things that can be found are just seen as normal and not something to be ashamed of. Post made about them by other parties is the real problem that "Social" users have. In this case it is neither the "Internet Company" or the person posted about that is in control of that information. It is the one that posted it and it is they that have to ask for its removal or they delete it themselves. You will just have to ask nicely!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Coastal Foraging today

Foraging around Grayson Perry's "House for Essex". I wonder if Wrabness is "drabness" as it looks on Google Streetview?

Certainly it cannot compete with the back garden this morning.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Information for CRA

Part of an email I received 28th November 2016 from someone who told me that they had information regarding Wayne McAlpine, his activities and his business activity with respect to income tax.

Again the highlighted text is part of the email:

As I mentioned, we have a substantial amount of information collected regarding Wayne's 'dubious business' :) practices over the years. This has not been submitted to the CRA yet, but with the tax season around the corner, I will ensure it is. It is frustrating to me that Wayne continues to get away with his crimes. I hope that CRA involvement will have an impact... However you decide to proceed, I thank you for your past efforts. I do check in or your site once in a while to see if there is anything new posted. This has helped us to add to the information we have collected over the years.

..... and there is nobody else that has a problem with him?!

Of course, Wayne will just claim that this is just me inventing "inflammatory" and falsified information again!

Wayne McAlpine continues to be interested in what I post about him. He thinks that I have an interest in the automotive industry - I don't.

Password Harvesting Software

I have written code that will harvest banking information from accounts at many major banking institutions. I will make this code available to anyone who is prepared to share in the profits that they make from its use.

All you need to do is to contact me and I will tell you where to download it and provide more details on how this software works. You need to act quickly as the FBI have Marcus in custody and his software may not be available for much longer.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Message for Asheville

What possible reason would I have to "damage" your business?

It is Wayne McAlpine that has PirateJack on his autoresponder when you send him an email at theramman.com.

He is neither TheRamMan or the operator of TheRamManINC - he is the one that is spreading lies.

It is Wayne McAlpine  that you should be asking "What the fuck are you up to?". It is Wayne McAlpine who you should tell to stop using your name. It is Wayne McAlpine who claims that he is the expert on "dangerous" auto parts. As you may have read I have my interests elsewhere! But, I doubt if even you believe that one!

Wayne McAlpine will stop at nothing to divert the true away from the fact that he is a liar and a fraud.