Monday, September 25, 2017

Why you won't find any real information about me online

Because there is none there!

I have not posted anything about myself online using my real name. If you fond any it is likely to have been fabricated by someone who doesn't like what I have said about them.

I am not famous, my name is quite common and without a company name it is difficult to determine any connection. In any case when I was working as an engineer it was before the Internet existed so there is little chance that you would find anything even if you did know who I worked for.

Similarly, you will not find any information related to me at the institution that I earned my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. I can say that I was employed by Marconi when I was a student and after graduation.

I generally despise Social Media. I do have a Facebook account but that is under an Alias, and we all know what that is all about! I do not have any friends or follow anyone on Facebook as the only reason for having the account is so that I can logon and see other peoples Facebook offerings. I haven't logged on to Facebook in months however my anagy_99 email address gets at least 3 friend requests every day! This is very irritating and along with mail from Twitter I filter it straight into a Spam folder in the Outlook account for Andy.

I have posted my thoughts about LinkedIn on this blog and my website so you can read about them in other posts.

Alternately, I am a terrorist and Cyber Bully that just wants to keep my identity secret.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Would you do business with this man?

Say for arguments sake:
I sent a hard drive into a service that promised to recover corrupted data and files from that drive.

Also say:
The drive I sent in contained files of a pornographic and illegal nature that I would not want revealed.

On sending the drive to this service the offending files were discovered and the company doing the recovery contacted me and asked about how the files got there.

Why would I do this?

Wayne McAlpine said:
Event said that he would publish all over the internet that we were Liars thieves and cheats this obviously was for Martin winter to remove the spotlight off himself and his tools The Technology Muse and tempusfugit or

I have never had that conversation with Wayne McAlpine. However, it is self evident to anyone who has done business with him that he is "a liar and a cheat".

Posting on this blog and my website is hardly "all over the Internet". Sending a couple of emails under an assumed name is hardly the crime of the century. What tools?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Something I recieved 9 December 2016

Below is the contents of an email that I received from a person from Wayne McAlpine's past.

I have left my first name in the original email as I am pretty sure the person who is reading this will know it already. I have also left the spelling errors.

Hi Martin, I hope you receive this okay.  I had every intention of replying to you yesterday on my personal email but had gotten busy.  Our correspondence wasn't related to business so i though i would move to private email.

Yes, we are very aware of Mr McAlpine.  This is why I felt it necessary to speak with you.  

To be honest, from your earlier email, the concerns you expressed with regards to meeting by phone were shared by me, also.

I can assure you, Core Data and everyone here, are not associated to Mr McAlpine.  This was one of the reasons i wanted to meet with you by phone.  For all we know, you too could be Mr McAlpine masquerading as whom ever.

- Best I can tell, not really following names and circumstance - this debacle between you and Mr. McAlpine have been going on for a few years now.  We hear little bits every now and then but i haven't spent enough time on-line to read the full story.

There many things that I personally could clear up for you as well as express a deep concern that a few of us here have with some falsehoods being expressed on the tech muse or tempisfugit (sp?) site.  To be clear we believe the inaccuracies to be no fault of your own.  You can only go on what you know from what information you have available, i understand that.

If I am speaking with Martin, you really need to clarify some of the content you currently believe as factual.  Personally, my past with Mr McAlpine lingers like the stench of rotten meet.  :)   I was once employed by a gentleman who, after my employment with him, formed a partnership with Mr McAlpine.  I couldn't tell you to what degree as i was a sales employee back then (circa 2006-2009).  This was the extend on my time with Mr McAlpine.

If you'd ever like to speak by phone and "clear the air", so to speak, i believe we'd have much more in common with regards to our experience(s) with Mr McAlpine than you think.  If you are the proprietor of the tech muse or tempisfugit (sp?), i can already tell you that I could provide you much more accurate information that what you have up there.  I could most likely help to validate also what is factual.  I would also appreciate remaining anonymous if I did. so.

Martin, please feel free to contact me anytime as if we did run through some Q&A, it could be done better by phone as i am a horrible typist.  

If not, it is no consequence to me as we are more bystanders in this whole thing, getting a glimpse every now and then as to what MrMcAlpine is up to...

I guess this was from another of one of 7 billion that have had no problems with Wayne McAlpine. When Wayne works out who this email was from I am sure that he will add him/her to his list of "complicitors".

The "falsehoods" that the author of this email refers are the statement that I made that Core Data Recovery was the new face of OneWorld. Given this revelation I can see why those at CoreData were not happy with this. This is obviously not the case. However CoreData were in operation from The Innovation Place in Saskatoon. The connection to USASK was certainly not through Wayne McAlpine! In fact the Innovation Place aspect of Wayne's fa├žade has crumbled. So much for all the "good things" that Wayne has done for mankind.

Next myth to be dispelled is the immobiliser nonsense.

Friday, September 22, 2017


"With the eyes of a fool", he said
"You see the state you're in -
And still you stumble through your stupid life
Still you laugh and grin
Vagabond on a winding road
That only leads you down
Blind to the dangers and dismay
That wipe the innocent smile away
From the face of a laughing clown."
"Imbecile, you are acting like a fool again
In a world of thieves all ready to run you down
Imbecile, they are waiting till you make the first mistake
And you're going to make it -
That's why I'll always call you an Imbecile."

"You weren't always a sorcerer,"
The Joker then replied
"It seems to me you learned it on the way
You live by tricks and lies
Standing 'round in your juggler's gown
There seems no reason why
Flashing your eyes and casting spells
With candles and signs and magic bells
Oh, you are the fool, not I."

"Imbecile, you can call me that if you feel the need
But life is short and I am living it while I can
If it rains, I'll get wet but in the sunshine I'll be dry
It is you who are foolish
Just 'cause I laugh don't call me an Imbecile

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Another day in the life of TempusFugit

One of the 7 Billion (minus 6 and counting).

Yes I have time on my hands, time indeed to settle a few scores.

The previous post in this vein garnered some interest that prompted a quest to contact all the churches in Suffolk to see if they had heard of me. I guess if they had they could be informed about how bad I was a person! All the nasty things that I had done online and all the lies that I had made up about poor defenceless people. I am not sure how this would have been presented, by a "failed" business person from Saskatoon in Canada. What possible relevance would it have to the ecclesiastical community in the UK? What with struggling congregations I would have thought all would be welcome, whatever their past deeds.

Back to the day........ Normally this starts as I reported before - over my morning coffee I go online to see who has visited my website and this blog. To see what new nonsenses there are. I might even launch the TOR browser to browse anonymously although I realise this could be a trigger for the security services to flag me as a subversive. After all, anyone who uses TOR is doing so to either access the "Dark Web" or is up to criminal activity such as posting the information on how to build a home-made bomb. (Thank you Mr.Petraeus).

Having had coffee and done the washing up from the previous nights dinner it is time for a shower and to get up properly. Maybe a walk in the country to pick some blackberries or damsons or even a quick flight over the neighbourhood.

My efforts regarding the update of my website have waned of late. I have made some updates to my new UK website but I am now concentrating on this blog. Posts on some of the issues that I covered on my Canadian site have been posted and I am waiting to see if they are found by visitors. It is a lot of work updating a website for what are limited returns. As I have no commercial reason to maintain a website there is little reason to expend a major effort there.
Also due to the fact that Wayne McAlpine has tainted the names TempusFugit and TheTechnologyMuse I have changed the name of this blog to "Musing from the UK". This is a pity as I stand by the use of the names, although I have moved on from the "technology" theme. I still have the desire to continue with Temusfugit, hence the name of my current UK site. The theme is still the passage of time. As for this blog, I would export and re-import all the content to a blog with another name (other than but Wayne McAlpine would not be able to find it and see what I have posted about him. Still, it is pretty irrelevant what the URL of the blog is in any case as Google will continue to send visitors my way.

Since I have worked out what Wayne McAlpine is on about when he claims that he has not been paid for SEO and "business services" related to the promotion of websites, I take great pleasure in visiting as many of his domains to further distort the web statistics that he uses to show that his SEO campaign works. It doesn't! This heavy-handed approach has long been recognised by Google as SPAM, and has no effect on page/site ranking. The real measure for SEO success is the increase in conversions of visits into sales, if that is what the purpose of the site was I the first place. This is what Morris Brown was hoping for and what Wayne McAlpine  and Joshua Sham promised him and they failed to deliver. I am not surprised that he refuses to pay them.

As I say on my UK website ( I did spend some time creating a Village website. This was because it was a legal requirement for the Parish Council and they were in violation of transparency laws when we took it over. It is this that leads me to maintain that the running of a website is a lot of work. I also advised the Village Hall committee about the creation of a website to promote village events. I told the person in charge of this promotion that using Wordpress would be more trouble than it was worth. He ignored my advice and the Village Hall website is pretty useless in my opinion. Much like a lot of other sites I see created with the tool.

Another pastime is the great TV that we currently have available to us. Here is another possible way of getting at us - we do not have a TV License. The reason for this is that we don't watch live TV or the BBC on Catch-Up. The finer points of this will be unknown to Wayne McAlpine but if he looks he will see that it is a criminal offence to not have a licence and be watching in that manner. All he needs to do is to claim that we are and we maybe charged. The fact that we don't should not prove a problem for him as he has claimed all sorts of thing about me that are not true!
What with the last season of Game of Thrones there have been a lot of interesting series that we have downloaded. It is interesting that our ISP does not block thepiratebay, BT does and when we connected through them I had to use obfuscation techniques. Oh! I am so bad!!!!