Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ariel photography

I am thinking that I will dedicate this blog to Ariel Photography as unlike some of the visitors to this site I do have other interests other than promoting myself.

This blog has nothing and never has had anything to do with who I am and what I do for a business. I have expressed an opinion on various issues but these were in isolation from anything that effected my livelihood. If I have seen or come across something that makes no sense to me I have made comment. There have been a few occasions where my views have not met with a positive response from those that I have criticised. I make no apology for this.............

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mavic gimbal problem and missing rear foot.

Having thought that the morning frost would make a good photo I managed to get stuck in the apple tree!

A ladder was fetched from the shed and much prodding of branches finally brought the Mavic back to ground with a thud. I am guessing that it landed on the gimbal as apart from some broken propellers and a missing foot the Mavic would not initialize the gimbal on start-up.

As you can see in the photo the gimbal/camera assembly looks normal but the foot was AWOL.

I managed to fix the gimbal problem by some judicious "adjustment" of the bearing of the axis of the gimbal that was sticking. Manually moving the camera in the gimbal, in this case from left to right, as shown with the camera oriented as shown above, I could determine where the gimbal was snagging. Applying some pressure in the direction away from where I thought the bearing was binding freed it and it then returned to a more-or-less central position when released. Performing a gimbal calibration and on start-up the gimbal was sticking in this position. Now the calibration proceeds with flying colours (literally).

I am now flying without the extender legs but I did get a downward sensor calibration error which I now know how to fix!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Once again, looking back in my email archive I came across the following:

Please remove all information about myself. The information of my address and so forth is my private information. I wish not to be continuously harassed by Bill Poplawski, who is a criminal and that has stolen from the company that unfortunately we gave him a chance to work for. He has done nothing but harassed our family, driven by our home and break our windows. If this is someone that you really want to continue to entertain, well, it goes to show your character too, and I am sure, if you met with Bill, you would not want to be associated with him. By the way, I feel very much taken advantage of by him as he needed help and a fresh start so I was paid for food, glasses, clothing, gas, cigarettes and a car to drive, and once I decided to stop helping him, he began this hate campaign against my family and I . We have been to the police and have formal complaints against him. If you would like a great project, dig into his past. His full name is William Poplawski. He needs to move on with his life and we would appreciate that you do not continue to add the fuel to his fire.

And if you really want to know on how he trades information with the police whenever he is out of money, he sets up drug dealers in Saskatoon and Edmonton.

If you would like to have more of a dialog, lets get on a call together about safe disk. It was a joint venture between bit defender and oneworld to help drive their sales and the project failed. Anyone that purchased safe disk insurance was dealt with. The volumes were not there to support the company, which almost bankrupted the company.

This is most of the text from the email, there is more from Bill/Alex Poplawski in other emails. These will be posted later.

As the practice of posting emails that are received in an attempt to justify your own point of view seems to be popular, I am continuing to do so. I realise that this email was sent a long time ago but that does not seem to matter. Also the posting of a companies business address is NOT a violation of privacy If an individual carries out a business from their home then it is legitimate to post that address. Searching the Internet and finding that there are businesses registered to an address in Dickey Crescent in Saskatoon was not difficult even though the person doing so had taken as many steps as he could to prevent that happening. That was all that I did with Wayne McAlpine, in that I posted the information that was sent to me and that I had found from my independent research.

Some of the information that I posted on my website and this blog was sent, I think, to me by someone used the name Bill Poplawski. There were addresses, telephone numbers and photographs. Not all this information was posted as I had not confirmed the validity of some of it from my own investigations. The photographs, it later came to be evident, were some of the only existing copies that were probably made when relations between the parties involved were more cordial. In any case it was obvious to be at the time, and subsequently later, that there was a grievance that the person that was sending me the information between themselves and Wayne McAlpine. I also surmised that the reason that I was receiving this information was that I had challenged Wayne McAlpine myself and the correspondent was in the hope that I would help to "punish" Wayne.

It is my belief that the relationship between Wayne and Alex/Bill has waxed and waned over the years, with bridges being mended and subsequently re-broken. Wayne and Bill even working together, and even possibly living at Dickey Crescent. I find that now in 2017 that still seems to be of interest to Wayne McAlpine and to others that have had cause to question his activities in the past.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Freedom of speech

.....and what you find posted on the Internet.

I find it highly ironic that in these days of "fake news" that there is any notion of Freedom of Speech. Many producers of web content claim that they are using the Internet in that vein but then ban and delete comments from some of the visitors to their sites.

My partner has been banned twice from the Bloviating Zeppelin website/blog. She is guilty of post a contrary view to the owner of the site that he doesn't want his other readers to see. She has been posting under various aliases, I know this is to be frowned on! On average it takes about 2 to 3 comments before she is sussed out and the comments are removed. So much for allowing free speech?

I have also been accused of this practice. i.e. deleting comments made by those that disagree with what I have said. I do not deny this but I am of the view now that I will let anything stand as it only makes the person making the comment look as stupid as they really are. I also allow comments to be made on this blog, something that the particular person to whom I refer does not on his websites and blogs. He claims that is because that it is HIS story and he is not allowing others to defend themselves on his forums. I suggest that it is more like that he is a coward and is afraid of what might be said bout him. In any case he could do what seems like the common practice of allowing comments and just deleting those that he doesn't like. Perhaps there is nobody that is prepared to defend him?

Returning to my partner, she has a particular penchant for winding up ultra right wing Americans. She claims that she was instrumental is getting Texas Fred to close (or at least stop posting on) his blog. Perhaps our household is just a hotbed for this sort of activity? As far as I am aware that my partner is ignorant of my current battle with the person from Saskatoon, we have not discussed it. In any case I am sure she would relish the opportunity to "have a go" herself!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pissing in the wind

The definition according to the Urban Dictionary is that you are likely to be worse off by you actions than you would be it you had not bothered in the first place.

This is particularly applicable to Wayne McAlpine as no matter how he tries to recover from past mistakes and failures he is still seen to be an idiot.