Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why I maintain this blog

Basically to get things off my chest. My wide following of visitors seem to be interested in what I post and, hopefully, find some interesting information on people and services that I comment on.

As you will see if you take the trouble to look around at some of the posts on this blog the subject matter is very wide and is not restricted to a particular topic. Unlike many blogs and websites this blog does not focus on a particular agenda such as the promotion of a political ideology, discussion of a particular technology or certainly not as a means to discredit an individual that I disagree with.

The difference between a Blog and a Website.

A blog is essentially a chronological account with the most recent post appearing first when the site is accessed. In this case that post becomes the "Home" page of the blog. With a "website" you can choose a "home" page.

The navigation of a blog is mainly via a calendar list of posts. A Website would have to have a specially designed menu system. As such the blog will display the last item that the author has posted to the blog. This may not be the intention of the owner of the blog.

A blog is generally easier to maintain as all the "overhead" is taken care of by the blogging software. If you run your own design of website you are responsible for not only the HTML of the pages but also the upload and organisation of the files on an Internet server. It is far easier to maintain a user feedback mechanism in the way of comments using a blog as the moderation and handling of those comments is taken care of by the blogging software. If you have just an email link on your website you will have to administer that separately from the blog. While it is possible to include a comment facility on a website, it is no trivial task. Typically the communication portal outside the blogging environment is a prime target for hackers and you will find that most of your time will be spent dealing with blog spam. However, some blogging software such as Wordpress, suffers from the same problems with respect to spam.

Using a blog or website to discredit. 

While this can be done there are far better ways of using the Internet to make your point. In the days of Social Media there are many ways to post vitriol about someone that you have an issue.

As most of the population spend many of their waking hours on-line using Social Media, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter would be the obvious choice for such an attack. Donald Trump makes a lot of capital using his Twitter account. The only problem with these platforms is that you have to be famous in the first place for people to follow you and to make your their friends. However, this is where the majority of the action is on-line these days and the users of such platforms are not likely to follow blogs or visit random websites. Sure, these users will make the odd Internet search (often for their own names or for people that they know), but the major source of information and news is from the "new normal" of Social Media. Not that a blog is not part of the Social Media mix, it is just one that requires the average Internet user more effort to participate in.

and there is You Tube.

Another form of Social Media that seems to be popular these days.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Information for CRA

Part of an email I received 28th November 2016

Again the highlighted text is part of the email:

As I mentioned, we have a substantial amount of information collected regarding Wayne's 'dubious business' :) practices over the years. This has not been submitted to the CRA yet, but with the tax season around the corner, I will ensure it is. It is frustrating to me that Wayne continues to get away with his crimes. I hope that CRA involvement will have an impact... However you decide to proceed, I thank you for your past efforts. I do check in or your site once in a while to see if there is anything new posted. This has helped us to add to the information we have collected over the years.

..... and there is nobody else that has a problem with him?!

Of course, Wayne will just claim that this is just me inventing "inflammatory" and falsified information again!

Wayne McAlpine continues to be interested in what I post about him. He thinks that I have an interest in the automotive industry - I don't.

Articles of Dissolution

The graphic of a copy of my "Articles of Dissolution" was of interest to someone in Montreal yesterday.

I am not sure why as the corporation name had been removed as was the corporation number. The date of dissolution was still there and I guess that could be used to track down my details if that was the intention of the visit. Again, I am not sure what value this would be as I never ever did any business under the corporation named on the Articles.

The disconnect with my beliefs and the rest of the world

I can't see this?

Finding information about someone online is just the way of the world, I don't believe that I have any more right to have my information held in a more private manner than anyone else's. If there is a story to tell, let it be told. However, that story should be true and not a fabrication that has been strung together by a party that is attempting to retaliate because information about them has been posted.

Searching for your own name is the primary way of finding out what others are saying about you. However, what you find has to be true. I have no problem in people making searches for my name as I have done nothing that could be seen as illegal and I have not made anything up. Unlike others that I could mention.

You might find the title of this post a little strange but it was based on a post that was made about me by the person that I am referring to. He seems to think that this blog and my website is all about him and all that I am trying to do is to discredit him and the people he is associated. This has been going on for over 6 years and if you take the time to look at the majority of the posts on this blog you will see that it is far from being all about him. Sure, I have made some critical statements about him, but they are all justified. In addition there has been an accusation that I have posted information about individuals not providing them with a means of defending themselves. Again that is not true as there has always been a way to contact me (many of those that I have featured have) and the comment section of this blog has always been there. Unlike some blogs where comments are not allowed.

Monday, June 26, 2017

What a mess in Azerbaijan

It was good that Daniel got the win though!

It was also good to see Lewis take down a peg or two. Seb was bad, but I guess he had cause.